images (1)How many of you think that we live a definite life span? Let us understand what immortality means. According to the English Dictionary immortality is the “ability to live forever, eternal life.” In simple words people that don’t die are immortals. But let me make you think something. Ask a question to yourself. Is just the mere absence of flesh and bone really mean the person is dead? I don’t believe it. There are millions of people living in this world and another millions in the world which we are not familiar with, but there are these few hundreds who become immortal.
Even without flesh and bone they remain alive in the minds, hearts and dreams. Even after a hundred year we would still remember them. Their deeds, their success and even their last words to mankind remain forever. For me these heroes are immortal. They were never satisfied with rising. There are people who are really easy to satisfy, all they have to do is keep telling their heart, “No I don’t need that, I am good just like this.” There are so many who live, finish their span and die without leaving any mark, making it easy for us to forget them. Being unsatisfied and striving to get that satisfaction gives success. If not that than even a beggar is satisfied, all he has to say is, “At least I ate once this day. Some people died of hunger today, I am satisfied.” Really is this satisfaction?
There are those people who die but we just cannot get rid of them. Their stories, their writings, it just makes me wonder how is immortality really impossible. Even after finishing their time in the world I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I want to become someone like them. Some say phrases like I didn’t get time to complete this before I died or life is short. I say it’s not. It’s short for people who wait for death, but it’s long enough to become immortal. We should live a life, which is as great as anyone. Without feeling sympathy for ourselves, of how small I am or how less hair I have, we should try to make people follow your footsteps for whatever you possess.
Who says leader is just one? We are all leaders of our lives, we lead it in the right or in the wrong direction, or just keep our lives stable and stationary. These people including Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand and innumerable more of them become like books, we learn from them, get inspired by them and maybe even turn out to be greater than some. Our whole soul target in life should be to become like them, immortals, to make it difficult for anyone to forget our existence. Our life span is perfect, it’s not just live and die, it’s live and become ideals. All you have to do is find a purpose, a goal and work hard to taste the victory you so deserved. Throughout centuries there were men who took first steps down the roads armed with nothing, but their own vision.
I believe in the words that we are send for a reason, and that reason is nothing less than being remembered. We should keep this one thing in mind, the harder people laugh on you, the higher you rise. No one needs to trust you before you trust yourself. Once you lose trust in yourself, it is the day when you accept to become mortal. Humans are immortal in their own way, without existence of blood and matter.
I would like to end it by saying a quote from my favourite writer Ayn Rand, “I started my life with a single absolute, that the world was mine to shape in the image of my highest values and never to be given up to a lesser standard, no matter how long or hard the struggle.”