It is so convenient for me right now to think that tomorrow I will have to do certain things I have planned today. Right now, if asked, I have planned my whole life until my last breath. They say planning gives a better future, planning helps organization of life. Not wrong, just a glitch. Planning is like hope, hope to live the next day, the day after that and after that. Nothing remains forever or even for the amount of time you “planned” it to last. Everything ends when it has to, even if we had not planned about it. They say humans or anything precious remains forever in the memory, as the small inscription of that person on our mind and soul. That person remains intact in us without any harm, living with us, in us until eventually we die as well, becoming that same inscription in someone else. But how long is that going to work? How long, before everything and everyone just ends, in a way that we are lost forever from this mind and soul transfer?
Our body, that is seen by everyone, is not our final take on this world, it will leave us, all of it, even the part which belonged only to us. It’s like that secret which dies with you, it’s like the only thing which you cherished and no one knew about it, it’s like that secret crush that only you bore, and one day everything goes like “POOF”. Your existence is erased, your life you realise was nothing, but a small fragment of a very big fragment which, when dissolved into time, just disappears like it never really was present. When that last person bearing your memories leave, it is when you vanish. Vanishing such that you will only be found in picture like that unknown person who went in school with.

        Nothing, not even that mystical force lasts forever, because one day even that force will be forgotten, when every person living with the belief vanishes. I have never understood what has made people selfish or greedy or corrupt, because the end result is going to remain the same, you in ground with dirt over you. Yes one thing is changed, there will be one difference, the person who will be around that dirt will change, the people who will wet their eyes will change, the people who will carry you for a long long time in themselves will change. Immortality is illusion, it’s nothing, but another step of being blinded by the never ending games of life. Mortality is real, fear is real, death is real and one more thing which is real is that everything comes to an end, everything falls apart…