Sometimes you feel as if an event in your life is repeated again, as if past comes back to life. I felt it today, passing through that stone wall I entered into the house, which I surprisingly remembered to be mine. The structure somehow looked familiar, but I just couldn’t place any memories that I was supposed to have on seeing my home. I opened the door, made out of wood and had a very distinct design whose significance I just couldn’t picture in my head. In my head I felt as if I was born today, all new to feelings. The air which washed my face and misplaced my hair looked like new to me. It was very disturbing, all the things which I could see. Then I saw a small figure curled in a corner in the room. I could hardly make out who it was, but since it was my house, I was pretty sure I would recognize it. I entered leaving the door wide open to see the dark structure in front of me.
As soon as the light fell on the body, it started trembling. The body belonged to a girl, long hair and a face I couldn’t place. She did not lift her head as if she already knew what was coming to her, and that, obviously, scared her out of her wits. I tried to talk to her, “who are you?” All she did was strengthen her grip around her knees, and her trembling looked right in front hoping for an eye contact, but all I got was clattering of teeth. I saw more closely, seeing scars all over her skin. Since her face was hidden in her knees, I could not see her reaction. Her body was bloody as if was just beaten till death, but they failed to revive her of her pain. I felt an overwhelming ache in my heart. I quickly got on my knees and cupped her face in my hands. She flinched in horror but did not stop me.

The first thing that caught my eye were her eyes, they were half closed due to swelling but bright from tears, and replacing with fresh tears when she looked at me. “Who did this to you?” I kept asking her more times than I could remember, and all she said was: “please kill me.” How could I kill her? She was so fragile and small. Her face was cut in many places, blood was all over my hands which held her face. Her tears making it unbearable to see her. I asked her again as a mark of finality, “who did it?” She did not stare back at me, as if I already knew that only her eyes are enough of an answer. I waited patiently, after a while she pointed at the mirror in front and said,” you gave them…” when I saw where she pointed I could see my face in the mirror and jerked away from her. as if that small thing was capable of harming me in anyway. I think that gave her strength because then she kept shouting, “You gave them…”and all I could do was hold my ears until that noise was replaced by minute buzzing and then, it was all dark.