“You will find me…” Why did you have to say something like this? Why did you say this and go, leaving me the desire and hope that there is still a way that I could find you. It’s being so long, so long since I am holding onto that hope, holding onto finding you. You were always so beautiful, always so alive, always giving me your spark of life, just to bring me back from my sorrow. They said you were old, and that your time was over, that you lived your part and vanish into someplace you deserved to be. Does that mean you did not deserve to be with me? I have never really understood why they called you old, for me you were always so young, your smile always reflecting mine. Even if you never really walked with me, you were always on wheels, so those wheels were my companion when we walked.

That day you asked me to close my eyes, when I had cried all day, that day when they told me I was going to have to say goodbye to you. You told me to find you… you told me I always will because you have given me part of your life. I was so stubborn and they showed me that one emotion I always dreaded, the emotion which made me remember them dying leaving me only you, they showed me pity, sympathy and now you left me too. This time I don’t even have another you, but still I held onto that hope when you said, “You will find me…” and I am searching for you now knowing nothing, where to start from, where to reach, just that one thing that I will find you… revolting all odds… because you said so, because you always believed in me, because you said I was capable for larger good, and then I start with searching that one person who forced me to dictate my life, told me nothing was impossible for me, the one who said, “You will find me…” and I will because you said I would.