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Honestly many reasons. I am not trying to delude you guys about other genre, I have read them all but fantasy is something which I could not compare with anything else. The thought of something created and, by created, I don’t mean just the story, it’s the whole new world. It’s not just about fairy tales, it’s about tales of things which can’t even imagine existing in the book. The image of all of them being real. Whenever I have read fantasy, it has never happened that I have not imagined that world existing for real. It just makes so much sense in the books that the idea of them not being real is just absurd. A world governed by power, magic and simplicity. I say simplicity because it is so simple, there is good and bad and good always defeats the bad. How I wish it was this simple in real life. It’s not just superheroes that makes me say all that, there is everything. The way the climate works, the attire of every person, the weapons all created only out of imagination, the life of every single character explained as if it could actually be possible for real.

The most exciting thing about reading a fantasy for me it is when I think about it in my head. When I see my real world with my imaginary world, all coiled up in a web which might actually makes sense. The powerful characters, I have noticed, while reading these books, how powerful the characters are really shown compared to other books. The willingness to learn, the shocking enthusiasm of dying but leaving a mark, the thought of saving many when one life is to be compromised… It is overwhelming, that’s the word. Every single book is overwhelming. You can’t wait to know what is happening and you can’t entertain the idea of it getting over. It’s always like a movie for me, I am soaked the world of everything I love until the movie is over and when I am back in my real world. But the process is worth all the time I invest and the experience is unforgettable. I might sound like someone who does not live in the real world most of the times, maybe I am, but it only happens when I am reading something out of ordinary.

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Every book has lessons incorporated in it. Sometimes I think that writers revolve around that message creating a story. They want to share their world with us and this making more and more people live in that world.