It has been ages since I last spilled any blood. By ages I really mean just that. The curse of never dying does it. I have avoided it for so long and now they tell me it’s inevitable. I have to free the beast that laid low for so long and, waking up, will only make it deadly, even for me. It was my end, not by the monster that killed the only hope of a family for me, but because of the one that resided deep in me. The monster had to die and no one else could do that but me. I move down to my chambers, that I last entered before a time passed by generations.


The door was stuck tight as if providing me just one more chance to turn my back now, to change my mind, if only I could. I had promised to protect these people, but now I don’t seem to move away from that desperate desire to seek for revenge, that now dominated all my emotions. I pushed it open hard enough to break the ancient wood into crumbles and leading me to the direction which might be my end. I can still see that red rectangular box that shielded my beast. The symbol which was inherited with my birth. A falcon flying free. It was unlocked like it has always been, since only I could ever get close enough to it. I opened it with nothing but a blank mind not allowing myself to regret. The interior was plane noting extraordinary, just a black sword lay in there. It had a very sharp edge, the one which will never be rusted, the body was not slick but huge from between and tapering towards the end. The handle was rough which had spikes but they get attracted to me, making that sword a part of me, a deadly beast, like an old enemy.


I held it high allowing myself to feel just how it changed me from within. “I am coming for you.” I said to no one in particular but the message was passed along. I had left this weapon for you and now, I am using it again just for you. You told me to leave this life, to put my beast to rest and it was you to awaken it back. How can I ever forgive you when you made me new only to change be back…?