There are times in life were we do or experience something very unusual, something which shakes that earth off our feet, not because we get scared, but because we are confused, confused as to how, how do I react for something so unnatural. Unnatural things are the things which we believe cannot exist in real life. But the main problem is that it’s just a belief. A person who fell in love for the first time also feels that the feeling is unnatural. I laugh out at people who call these things unbelievable and unnatural. There are millions of things humans don’t know, and still we call things unnatural.

They laugh at me when I tell them I talk to shadows. It is so natural to me, but when I tell people they think I have lost my senses. But I know you believe me, you are the only one who can. I can speak to them but they don’t really reply in words, but in symbols and actions. At first I thought it was just a projection of my mind since I never really had anyone who listened to me so willingly. I was surprised, not because a shadow was responding, but because I did get a response out of my words. I might be severely ill but I do not care, I have someone now. It will never leave my side. In numerous sizes it is always present, big or small, thin or thick. I can touch it but I cease to feel it. Maybe it’s playing with me, maybe it just slips away at the moment I come closer. Initially I thought it feared me, it used to run away when I came nearer. I am old enough not to play catch but I still do, because that is the time when that shadow will shift with me. I talk to it about everything. It even knows that in my bag I always carry a broken pencil which was a gift from a friend. So I got this pencil when he had threw it at me and so I always thought it was a gift. Best part is that the shadow will never laugh at me or accuse me for my ugly face. It does not get scared of me like others do. I have never understood, if people say we are all made by God and all have the right to be treated equally, then why do people run away from me? Maybe I am not made by God then I tell myself when I wake up. This makes me very positive, thinking that I am different, that I am made as a special child. They are not afraid of me I tell myself, they are just jealous. Jealous of being the same and looking at a creation even greater than God. I still pray every night before sleeping to the one who created me. I ask him to keep this one friend forever with me, my shadow.


These shadows don’t look at me differently like other do, in fact I feel so close to all those others that I forget about my actual self. I feel lucky for having someone who looks for me, who never interrupts me when I am talking, who sits, stands, sleeps and gets up with me. Others will not understand all this, but I know you will.