“You have done for me… you are just a statue…” I heard him say. Technically he was not all wrong, I was, afterall, a statue and what were people expecting of a cement idol with nothing, but just colors on it. And so, I decided to walk with you. With you, through every steps of your life, with you staying mute because that is what you wanted from me. You only wanted my presence though I was hardly sure it would have been of any use if you did not deserve what you asked of me. Why do you think I am any different? Ignoring the fact that I love you, that we do whatever selfless acts needed to protect the one we love. Well my love is divided to millions and millions of people then why are you expecting a royal presence? That night when you were being chased by people, carrying guns and sharp tools, you were so scared and then you asked me to save you, all you were doing is disobeying my nature, disobeying the human character. You were a murderer and what were you expecting out of your life? Yes, I saw you die, saw them pierce your skin and cut out your parts, you were looking at me, expecting me to save you even when you had that last breath, and I did not, because I did all that my powers demanded, all that I could ever do. Even your closing eyes couldn’t have got me into doing something else. I gave you chances, I gave you choices and everytime you betrayed me. What was I to do? I was merciful enough to let you leave your weaked soul.

Then the other one offered to grant the world, told me he would sacrifice his life for me, told me he would share a definate percentage of his profit with me. If only I let his wishes come true. Wishes are fantasy, you only get what you deserve, and, if you get more, consider it to be a trap because i do not differentiate. You offer me what is mine, things which I have given you for using, for developing, for rent. You just have to use it to its best ability and leave it for others. You disgraceful humans offer me what is already mine. Let me tell you something all is mine, you are mine, your belongings are never yours. I have given it to you because I love you, because even with the selfish skin on the outside you have made me immortal, not by having faith in me, not by worshipping me but by being what you are. I always want just that, you in all your glory. My breathen, my people, I don’t ask you to give me the world because it is already mine, just give me the things that make you what you are, give me humanity. Don’t give me the world, give me just a hint of faith in yourself and a courage so exteme that I am forced to meet you, forced to help you. Just give me a pure soul, the one I send you with.