As I started doing my Marketing Management, I have noticed the use of a hobby. Hobbies are usually looked as something to relax, pass time or even to have a common topic to talk between people. Social Media today has become an amazing way to showcase the talents that we don’t really make a career in, but we just cannot let them go. But that is something that we learn over the years through our life, when we find that one thing that makes you feel you are more than just the degree that you get after the years of education.

I love writing. It has always been my passion since Secondary school, something that makes me feel more than just an Engineer or a Marketing student. Even though I decided not to be a writer or something related to writing as an option, I find the importance of my skill in Marketing, in fact I explored options in Marketing like Content Management, Digital media etc. in which I can still use my skills as a writer. My blog appears on my cv, and I am asked questions related to Creative writing more than my Engineering degree in an interview every time.

I realise it now, hobbies never go to waste. I did not stop chasing my dream to use something I am, to become something more.

I believe that, if you have talent, something you feel you are amazing at, something your friends tell you never to stop doing, something that makes your chest fill with emotion, just go with it. All you are and all you aspire to be, it will, one day, be connected to what you really love.