If you are looking for some motivation along with a dose of a powerful woman, who was not scared to face the world leaders that influenced the history, both positively and negatively, I do suggest “Interviews with History and Conversations with Power” by Oriana Fallaci. Some of the people she interviewed include Indira Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Ayatollah Khomeini etc.

One of the greatest journalists, as well as, a woman who was not afraid to stand for what she believed in. Through the book, I noticed that, even with the image of the person that the world sees, her approach towards all her interviews had been unbiased and professional. Her desire to bring out the truth from the leaders, that influenced the world economy as well as the lives of millions of people, is so inspiring.

One of the greatest woman who stood for the rights of people, as well as equality to women all over the world, show love and respect towards her profession, something a lot of journalists can learn from. Apart from that, she earned a lot of respect from the people she interviewed even when she was harsh or direct about her questions. This made me realize the need to actually love what you do.

As long as you respect your profession and are passionate about it, with the right approach, it will make every obstacle seem less like a problem and more like an opportunity.