The Late Mattia Pascal by Luigi Pirandello translated by William Weaver

The book was a gift which opened my eyes to a new genre of writing. As a reader, exploring new themes helps to open the mind, that is so enclosed with the selected few scenarios that we are so used to read again and again. At times even the humor goes unnoticed, as we are so engrossed in the story that we forget to show emotions when we come across them. Just concentrated on what will happen next, forgetting to enjoy the small parts of the novel; I have experienced this feeling a lot. 

The reason I mention this with the title is that this book forced me to enjoy the little things that were present in the story. It made an impact on my mind because of how it is written, the simple words still impactful forced me to open my thought process to a wider world that was unnoticed by me, rather was waiting to be explored. 

This story, without spoiling the interest of the reader, is about a man that got what he wished for but didn’t realize the implications that his wish had on his mind after living through with the wish. “Appreciate life.” It is what I have learned from the book. Living your life and finding out ways to solve the downhills is what life is about. There is no easy way of solving problems in our life that we are destined to face. 

This book very cleverly using of humor as its base gave the biggest lesson I have learned in my life. The life that we have is precious, we do not want to trade that off with anything else ever, and, if we do get a situation where we get to do that, it will only make a living hell. Nothing is more traumatic than losing your identity. Losing yourself in the midst of the world for no one finding rather have no one finding you. To have a stone by your name, and you staring at it. I want to leave you all with one question. Will it be worth it? (You will not know it until you live it)

I am planning to start book reviews more like what I have learned or my thoughts on the book. “Every book has the capacity to make an impact, you just need to find your readers.” This is something I believe in and. instead of writing the summary of the book. just my afterthoughts about the effect that the book had on me will be something I will write on.