Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Johan Berger”. A book that is perfect for any Marketing aspirant, who aspires to learn what works and what does not in the marketing today.

The book beautifully captures the essence of what students really want to know apart from the theories, which can become a puzzle to apply in the real world. Real life examples of successful companies that deflected the odds and created trends, or rather used the trends to become more than just a brand. Many times it is easy to forget what is important, what the company is really targeting, and what we expect from the N number of strategies that we study in our Management class. This book simply shows that whatever works is a strategy. Sometimes not planning too much, but just going with what really is out there in the world makes a lot of difference.

Many tricks present in the book can be used in real life, which is what the author aimed for while researching rigorously through the things or rather brands that went viral and captured the attention of millions of people. If we think closely, what is Marketing? Nothing, but finding ways to make your brand viral, to make it stick in the minds of the people, and to create a long-lasting impact such that they become the advocates of the brands.

The author has highlighted the importance of Word of Mouth which many companies tend to neglect. Spending millions on advertisement and PR activities can, in many scenarios, not even reap the fruits that can turn the branding into a lasting success, but a positive word of mouth, which is free of cost, can impact the choices and the position of the brand in the minds of the people.

Marketing is nothing but, a customer talking about your brand by just listening to the jingle of your ad, when they sing the song about the product while playing karaoke with a bunch of friends. It is nothing, but a lasting impression.