The book for this month is “Purple Cow: Transform: Your Business by Being Remarkable” by Seth Godin. I definitely think that this book is for someone who aspires to be remarkable, as the title says, in his business model, to not just be in the competition but to establish a benchmark in the industry.


This book stresses on being remarkable yes, but it also makes it clear that even though the products you put out in the market are different and adds value to the customer, reaching to the right audience is very important i.e. Positioning. Targeting the right audience, and to make sure that those people, which are really going to extract the value out of the product, are targeted by Marketing. There are examples of many companies that failed to succeed in Marketing their products to the right people, which, in turn, led to the demise of the products which could have made history.

Concentrate on sneezers

It uses the word Sneezers, which refers to the group of people that use the product, not only that they talk about their experience with a wider audience in their circle, but they are the Innovators and the Early adopters too. It is important for the brand to identify these people and target the products in a way that it reaches them.

Find a solution:

It is soon 2019, but people still face problems relating to the use of a product or the need of something they don’t know they needed. For a company, it is very important that they look for products like these and make it their objective to solve the problem

Update your products, not just the Marketing

Yes, Marketing has helped a lot of brands to establish their name in the industry. In many cases, successful branding has turned tables for the growth of the company. But how long do you think this strategy is meant to last? There comes an end to any idea when it becomes saturated in the market. This holds true for Marketing as well. Hence, coming up with something new and updating the products on a regular basis is the essence of being in the competition. No technology stays forever, it is, therefore, necessary to allocate the resources to update the products, so as to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Unique selling method

In the book, there are many examples of companies that have made their names by just being different, by doing what no one else was doing and this made their success in the market. They made the customers curious and this helped them gain an edge over others. Find that one thing that makes your company just better than others, what is the unique selling point of your business? What makes people stop and look at your brand? Answer these questions and grow on them. It is the uniqueness that makes a difference.

Don’t just follow the leader become a leader as well

It is easy to follow a company that is made progress in the industry, to copy the brand and just replicate the growth on this side. But how long do you think it lasts? It is therefore important to take the lead, give growth to an idea and make it a reality. Have the guts to take the risk that is required to make the change and stick to it. 

Purple cow is one of the Ps in Marketing

Purple cow, as the name says, is about a cow that takes your attention. There are millions of cows that have the same exact color, nothing that will make you wait and click a picture. But what about a purple cow? Now that will get viral for sure!