The ground was hard, I knew that because I just experienced it was. The blood had started rolling from my arm and my head which I could not see, but feel the wetness dripping down slowly from my forehead. “Don’t lock me in here. It’s so hard.” It was all I kept saying. People would call me a child, that’s what you call ten years old, but I never felt like one. I was so used to be thrown around that, the idea of being a child needy, who has lived for ten year on a planet, did not change my viewpoint.

Not seen the world, not known many people, except a few who revolved around my world, making it just so hateful. It was dark, the door was bloated shut by her leaving the only light which supplied here in the room. Even with the absence of animals around me, I could not shut myself from the noise which invaded my senses making me scared to death already. Maybe dying from animal bites would be less painful than dying everyday and being treated nothing less than a hateful creature. I was just babbling right now, not really knowing why, distraction? No. Desperation? No. The need to talk to someone, so that the loneliness seemed just a bit more bearable, hit me ever single time I was in this hole. I was locked in here for the second time since ever and it seemed like the last time too.

I heard this voice, I thought it was my fear that dominated my hearing sense, but now it was present, loud but whispering, and the only thing it kept saying was: “Just say the word.” But, how could I? Suffering was far more a punishment than death; but I was not settling for the second. “I am a survivor” I told myself, because surviving was all I have learned.