Is it possible to define a book? How can you define a story which talks about a lot, but also about nothing that will make sense to a person that does not believe in miracles? How many of us believe that there will be something that will take us away from the misery in our lives? Life is about struggles and I do not believe that there will anything that will let us escape that but, in my mind, I always have an image of something that will make it all go away. 

This book is a lot like that. The moment I read the book the first question that came into my mind was: ‘Has it ever happened that Satan comes into the life of a  normal human being and makes it his biggest nightmare? Is that how people have bad times? A Satan comes and ruins it all and just goes back leaving the human to deal with the mess for the rest of his life?’ I mean to think of it may be. The name of the book definitely sounds like a love story and, even if it had a love story, that was not the part that was highlighted in the novel; at least not as much as that of peace and redemption.

There are so many things that capture your mind when you read this book. Apart from the fact that it is a really funny book with emphasis on the characters in the novel, it also has a story long lost in the ancient books about Pontius Pilate, a man that waited for thousands of years for peace. There are so many things that can make you not forget or make you want closure in life. Without closure, you feel like lost in the abyss where, all you see and hear, it is troubled voices of yourself speaking back at you asking for peace. It can affect the conscious of the person which, in turn, will be carried with him until the end of his life and in this case even after. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the transitions of the books because, in the end, I was able to relate the entire story to the first scene of the book. It seems unrelated at the beginning, but, the feeling when you realize the events until the last chapter, it makes the reader very curious about the intentions of various scenes in the story. There is a lot to learn from stories like these, which open your mind to various possibilities.

I would be careful to watch my back when I see a black cat on my path…