I had written an article before about why I enjoy fantasy. This is yet another article which highlights my thoughts on Fantasy. There are so many of us that, despite not being a reader, do enjoy the world where things that we can’t even imagine happening. The stories that engulf this mystery and magical world is enough to take you away from your stress which, on various occasions, just remain plastered in our minds.

How amazing would it be to be part of it? I can guarantee that people, whoever have been exposed the world of fantasy, have in themselves felt the desire to go and explore the world, imagining themselves as part of the characters or stories that take place. I know it can be true for all the other genres that we look at but, the love for fantasy, it is just too different. Other stories might be related to the everyday life that one lives, but fantasy is just another world altogether.

Living in fantasy is everyone’s dream and desire, to explore what is just an imagination and to live in that moment is something one can always enjoy.

I have listed a few books below which I consider as the epitome of the best books for fantasy, where they not only take you to a different world, but they also encourage us to look beyond the imagination that we already possess.

I would recommend all the readers to read the books mentioned and, if you have already read these, comment below about your favorite one from the ones mentioned. Do tell me which ones your favorite fantasy novels are.

The Lord of Rings

The Chronicles of Narnia

His Dark Materials

Harry Potter series

Inheritance Cycle