This is 50 article and, nearly 2 years later, I just wanted to share my experience through this journey. For most, it does not seem like a big deal, I am sure there are many people that have posted far more than I have, but for me, it was not as easy as clicking the Publish button and just letting my short stories reach to an audience.

There was a year in between where I was so discouraged to post just because of the response I got, it was not good enough. It did not motivate me, and, after that phase, I knew that more than the articles I post, this journey is about having patience and believing in myself. I won’t say that I have achieved a lot. I certainly have not, but I have become better as a writer and as a person as I kept posting on WordPress. My achievement is keeping to my target and the best feeling is writing.

I know many writers will relate to this feeling of just been able to write, to express yourself and to showcase your talent. It took at least 3 months of constant thought of finally starting my blog, of encouragement from people near me, and, despite having no confidence in myself, I finally posted. All that was written on paper was on the screen and nothing made me happier. Just clicking on the Publish Button and making all that a reality; all my stories were there for everyone to read. At that moment I did not care how many people read it, it did not matter. All that mattered was the fact that I posted, and the feeling never gets old. You must try it to believe it.

This was the target I never imagined to cross when I posted one article and now, I just have another. I have been asked a lot of times on how I do it. Being honest, I was in their place for 3 months before I have the courage to do it. Now I know how I did it: I just “did it”, and really that’s all it takes. You have a story to tell, just start talking. In the beginning, you will be talking to yourself or maybe 2 or 3 friends who will be willing to listen to you. But eventually, there will be a small group. The joy of just being yourself will be more than the likes and the comments. I enjoyed that for the 2 years of posting on WordPress and I hope you all find that joy as well.