When we are in love, we try everything to make it work, by this I mean we try to tell ourselves that as long as there is love between the two people everything is fine, that everything is solvable. It is not as easy as it sounds though. There are so many couples I see and think that, yes they are meant for each other, that they are so perfect together. In all this I forget one thing which makes the difference between a working relationship and a relationship that is only going on for ending in the later stages, it is the fact that the commitment level that each person gives in this partnership. It is scary to think that the level of hope that we put in someone is not really the same for the other person. They will give up sooner than you are ready to give in. Love just goes too fast. How is that fair? The process is like building a house, where everyone is just so excited to see how it comes out, but as soon as you put the last brick, one of you just starts regretting the entire process. They start doubting on the intensions and ask if this was really worth it.

I say, why decide when you have completed the foundation? Why make this big decision when you dreamed so much about how it will turn out and talked about how important this house is for you? Was it really that important then? All the dreams that you saw with this place just gone so fast even before you got the chance to go live in it. Sometimes the realization does not hit you until you are out of the dream and facing things in real life. In all this confusion, you forget that the one person who was not ready to give up is suffering, because for that person all those words meant something, they meant everything. So much so that the person left the place that made everything comfortable, just so that this dream could come to life. To try to build this house with you. To keep hope, even after putting the last brick. The entire route is a long one and something that will take a troll on the mental strength and test how much this really means to the people involved.

Life is not about building a house, but it is a lot closer to the intentions and the feelings that you put in to make something inanimate into something that fits perfectly with your image of the best place to be in. It is better to destroy the foundation before the last brick is laid down so that the meaning of the bricks does not mean something more than just a brick.