There are a few things I do to get out of my anxiety, or rather to control it in a way that it does not affect my decisions. The decisions that are made during the vulnerable part of your life are never in sync with the once you will make when you are stable. I have it bad. I can turn around all my life with the things I say and the expressions I use just because of constant debate in my mind about what is right and wrong, so much so that the wrong decisions can even seem to be logical. I have had moments where I have lost people for how I have felt at the moment, it is scary and my anxiety gets fueled when I am scared of something. Of course, there will be times in my life when things will be bad and scary, even seem impossible to get over with, I just can’t give this reason all the time.

I write. One thing that has always helped me get over all this excess negative energy. It helps me calm down and more than that it has helped me get to know me. What makes me, me. It is important to know who you really are. What triggers the negativity. I am working on it. It’s a process for sure. But I have never felt this aware of it since a while now. The other thing that helps me is talking to myself. It sounds stupid, maybe, but it helps me answer questions that invade my mind. After all, the answers that you seek are not with anyone else but you. You will get a few replies here and there but none of it will make more sense than what you find out on your own.

What am I talking about it? Well because it is helping me. Even now as I write, I am loving how this feels. I would not recommend anyone anything, because I can’t be a hypocrite. You are the only one with your answers. This is for me.