There are relationships in life that you cannot choose, I mean you have to start somewhere. Your family is one such thing. How do you feel when you realize that the family you thought was yours, is nothing but an image created around you just so that the people involved are happy. How long does it to forgive something like that? This story revolves around the idea of how much people really mean to you when they have established a certain connection with you and more than that the story of unbiased love between a brother and sister. An amazing story that highlights just how much a person can mean to you, even when the feelings come out of innocence. There are so many points that are touched through this story, it touches the era of struggle and war, the rules of the society which could not be broken so much so that the feelings you feel for someone cannot exist because of how forbidden it is. When you are not so strong to come out from those restrictions, you tend to live a life where happiness is everywhere else but here. 

The meaning of love in its various form is shown such that it caused the destruction and an inevitable pain to be carried forward by the characters in various forms. Sometimes, you try to solve everything by going against what you are taught is right and sometimes you just let things pass away waiting for the pain to subside with time. All the negativity goes with time, but you cannot forget someone so important to you, that helped you realize and know yourself better, without carrying the sore ache of not having the presence of that person anymore.

This story carries forwards 4 generations showing how much the decisions made for them, against their will affects the lives of everyone involved. I know that sometimes you do what you need to do, for the happiness and the security of the person you care and some of those decisions are only taken without realizing the life long effect that it will have on everyone else. Having a better and happy life can mean a lot of things and it not always has to be leaving behind the one person that affected your life more than anyone else ever can. I highly recommend reading this book. Just like all the other books Khaled Hosseini has made sure that you have a bundle of questions at the end of the story, asking yourself of what you would have done in situations where your mind and heart are against each other.