The book for this month is: “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach. A book perfect for every age because I believe that we do require a push on our inspiration and motivation at every single point in our life. There are so many things that might go wrong when you plan your life, this wrong makes a person so demotivated that, at times, he is even scared to get out of his comfort zone and live the failure again.

This book is so amazing because it highlights the most important things that we. as humans. must face, even if the book is a fictional story of a seagull. Differing the odds and breaking the extent of what people think is possible, it is not easy. Is it easy to be different, even if we say that every human is different, but how different is my question? Don’t we run behind the same things, don’t we restrict ourselves to the same things that the next person has restricted himself to? This story is to go beyond those limits, to fly, not taking into consideration the strength that you possess or the limits that are plotted on the graph, but to live by your thought. If you can think that you can be greater than what you are right now, live by that and not by the rules that everyone else has made up for you. It is not easy, people will think you are crazy, no one will believe in you, but the difficult part is to take that negativity and convert into something that will inspire you to touch your dreams.

There are so many examples of people who have proved everyone else wrong and have strived and become so great in their lives. These are people like you and me, these are the people with dreams, just like us. The only difference between them is that they took all that energy and used it to become someone we look up to.

There are a lot of things that you learn for a book, a lot. But there are just some things here and there which you will be able to relate to, that is the thing that will inspire you to become the better version of yourself. What is life if not that? To have a vision, to have a purpose and to have what it takes to achieve all that’s in your thought.